About Our Products

Our oils and Salve are produced from our own field of high content CBD grown in Canton, NY last summer. We started the plants by seed and transplanted, pruned, harvested, trimmed, hung, and dried every plant by hand with our families and friends! The grow was sown on land that has been fertilized with farm compost over the years and organic cultivation methods were followed. It was an amazing experience!

Grasse River Hemp tinctures are formulated as full spectrum oils, meaning no cannabinoids or turpenes have been removed during processing. The cold ethanol extraction processed oils are available in 600mg and 1200mg strengths and are infused in organic coconut derived MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) oil.

Our Soothing CBD Balm is a high content full spectrum rub in a 2 ounce infused in beeswax with sage and lemongrass. At a whopping 500mg, it is one of the strongest salves on the market today to aid in relief of joint pains and discomforts.

We also have grain-free CBD canine/feline chews being formulated, and soon forthcoming!

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